Saturday, March 15, 2008

Burger & Patties Foaming Machine

Detailed Product Description

AMF400- Automatic Multi-Former can automatically perform various procedures such as meat filling, forming and output and form a fully automatic ready food line when connected with the coater, flouring machine, frying machine, cooking machine, instant freezer and packing machine. It features high production capacity and stable quality.

Form plates can be quickly and easily changed, accurate dosing and efficient control of production cost. Variety of forming plates is available.

Wide applicable to forming meat, poultry, fish, ...potato, sweat potato and vegetable.

The whole machine, made of stainless steel and portion non-metal material, is safe and reliable that meet the HACCP standard.


king said...

assalamualaikum,mesin nie boleh buat patties burger kan? boleh tak saya nak tengok simple proposal untuk mesin nie..

Blacksupaholic said...

Mohom email quotation harga untuk'patties former machine' kedalam email .berminat untuk menjalankan perniagaan frozen food sendiri..